Bad Rothenfelde

Bad Rothenfelde is a very nice spa resort in the county of Osnabrück. It is a nationally recognized health resort with a lot of good brine.

The special landmarks and attractions of the spa are the impressive gradation towers, which are the longest in Western Europe with 416m and 114m in length. With an irrigation field made out of an 80cm thick blackthorn hedge, these open-air inhalers influence the spa climate by enriching the air with micro salt- and other mineral evaporations.

The source of the spa brine is fed into two wooden structures above blackthorn walls: the fine branches of the blackthorn ensure optimum evaporation and the requested refreshment for the visitors.
A walk along the salt pans that have been used for the production of salt lets you inhale deeply.

But it’s not only the exterior that is impressive. The new Salina offers an 80m long passage with a guaranteed cold inhalation chamber to the visitors. The inside of the salt pan reveals its secrets: You can see the construction from old spruce beams that support the fagots. Wooden pipes and drip drains that are older than a hundred years are still
serving their purpose here.

Salt on your skin

Once you’re in the inhalation chamber, you have to take a deep breath. The Brine is evaporated in pure form. This makes seeing a bit hard, but it helps your respiratory system and heated people a lot. And there’s even a souvenir for free: A breeze of salt on your skin which conserves the North Sea feeling a bit during the “after therapy” in one of the many cafes and gelaterias around the resort Bad Rothenfelde.

Untouched nature and good air, hiking, cycling, doing something for your health, sole wave indoor pool – But relaxing spa resort atmosphere as well, all this and more is offered in Bad Rothenfelde. Both gradations are lined with more than 18 ha. of park area.
Life is booming at the old gradation; The fountain square, historic buildings such as the spa house, the concert garden with the bandstand and the “House of the Guest” as well as the “Gallery at the old graduation” and the shops at the Salinenstraße – including the Hotel Dreyer, line the green areas. The Salina from 1778 is not the only center of attention.

Window shopping, taking a break in a café or restaurant, reading a newspaper on the park bench or events in the concert garden – everything takes place in the immediate vicinity of the brine mist.
On the other side of the street, the spa park expands to the sports park at the end of the new Salina. The old trees and pond at the foot of the Salina emit peace and tranquility. In contrast to the “Old Salina” is this building constructed on a long wall and is built entirely without stabilization. This is a one of a kind architectural masterpiece.

On the southwest side, you will find a playground, a tennis court, minigolf and pit-pat to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Our water-treading basin is a bit hidden, but still offers a view of our landmark. Since 1999, the rose garden attracts the attention of everyone and invites to relax on the park benches. The scent of roses from more than 3000 flowers mixes with the sparkling brine. The colors of the glittering thorn wall and rose bushes are a pure sensation to the eye.
This park blends almost seamlessly into the area around the Münsterland hospital.
A pony carriage circles the new Salina on weekends as a loving tribute to the times where children were treated in the spa.

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